In the left hand side of your dashboard, click on the drop down arrow next to Revenue.

Here we have four sections: Donations, Recurring, Payouts, and Statements.


In the Donations section, you can see all of the analytics from received donations, export analytics to a CSV file, and see an itemized list of every donation.

In the itemized list of received donations, you can see how much was donated, the processing fee and if the donor covered that fee, the name and email of the donor, which fund was donated to, the source, method, and status of the donation, and the date that the donation was sent.


In the Recurring section, you will see a *awaiting info from jonathan on stats at top*

Just like the Donations section, you can see all of the information listed but for Recurring donations. Remember to scroll to the right to see all information such as date created and start date.


Payouts are an itemized list of each days' donations that have been deposited into your account. Every day, each donation received that day will be grouped and deposited on a two day rolling basis. For example, every donation received on a Monday will show in your account on a Wednesday. Payouts will show the lump sum of that day's donations. In order to see every donation that made up that lump sum, roll over the Settings wheel and click Details to review.


In the Statements section, in the top portion, you have the ability to Search statements, Create statements, and select the Organization for which statements you'd like to see.

To Create a statement, click on the button that says Create Statement.

Here you'll go through three sections. In the first section, Filter Data, you'll choose the Organization, which Fund, and the date range. Then click Next.

In the second section, Search Donors, you can click the toggle to turn on Load all Donors, or you can simply type the donors name for which you'd like to create a statement. Then click Next.

In the final section, Export, you can download the statement as a PDF/ Excel, or email it to the donor.

If you chose to email the statement, you can customize the message attached to the statement in the email.

Then click Finish.

When looking at your list of Statements, use the Settings wheel icon to the right of the statement to view the Details or Download the statement.

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