Step 1: In Organizations, click on "Setup & Install".

Step 2: Choose your Organization and Sub Organization.

Step 3: You will see four options at the top. Customize, Install, Access, Custom Text.

Here we will be going over Customize.

Step 4: You can change the logo by rolling over the photo and clicking on it.

Step 5: Change the Theme and Button Text color by clicking on the bar of color, and choosing your Custom Color.

Step 6: Change the pre-set donation amounts by rolling over each one, deleting by clicking the "x" that appears, or typing the amount you'd like and pressing enter. Make sure to click "Update".

{insert gif of this}

Step 7: Customize your button message by typing what you'd like it to say, and click "Update". This is a welcome message that shows to your users once to introduce the widget. You can use the toggle to have this message Run Always, or click to turn off the feature.

Next, moving over to the top row of choices, click on the second option, Install.

Step 1: Enter the domain where you are going to install your widget.

Step 2: To embed the Chat Widget onto your site, copy the provided code and place it on your website. Once you have embedded the widget, you will see an image like the one shown here stating, "Your widget is installed."

*Reminder: ChatGive requires a page that is protected with SSL encryption.

Step 3: To install the Trigger Button, you will copy and paste the code again. The Trigger Button is a hyperlink you can place anywhere that will open the widget.

*Reminder: The Chat Widget must be installed in order for the Trigger Button to work.

Step 4: You will follow the same instructions as above for the Embedded Chat Form. This is an external form that will open in a new browser and take up the entire page.

Step 5: If you use a WordPress site, clicking on Download Link will allow you to download the WordPress Plugin, install it on your WordPress site and activate.

Next, moving over to the top row of choices, click on the third option, Access.

At the top, you'll see the dedicated Giving Link you can give out, as well as your personalized QR Code.

Below that, you'll see your dedicated Text-To-Give number. Our text to give service is 100% free to use, and you'll see a list of options your donors can text to start the donation process.

On the last option, Customize Text, you can completely customize the prompts that appear in the Chat Widget.

Each message that is displayed in the widget is adjustable to what you'd like.

Simply click within each text field and type what you'd like to appear. Please always remember to click the Save icon located to the right of each text field.

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